Silver Darling’s Abraham Lincoln live in DC

God bless Silver Darling.  They shelled out their own cash to fly out to DC and play two songs at our show–John Tyler and Abraham Lincoln.  This is Lincoln.  This band is stunning to behold, like a force of nature from some other time entirely.  Go find them and buy their record, Your Ghost Fits My Skin, which I had some small hand in making.

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Tim Fite’s “Beard of God” live in DC

Tim Fite is a force of nature.  My God.  I’ve become a huge fan of Tim’s this year, on account of his two great records on ANTI- and his free downloadable album (still free!) Over the Counter Culture.  His a genius.

Here he is doing my tune “Rutherford Hayes (The Beard of God)” onstage with us in Washington, DC.

Thanks Zach Kaufmann at for filming it.

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Hiss Golden Messenger’s “Calvin Coolidge (On Silence)” live in DC

Here’s my old friend Mike Taylor performing as Hiss Golden Messenger (his new recording moniker) on stage in Washington, DC with us.  He’s playing “Calvin Coolidge (On Silence),” a song penned by Jefferson Pitcher and performed on the album (in a very different arrangement) by the Radar Bros.  Mike’s version kills me.

Check out for a full report of the show with pics and all.

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George Washington live in Washington, DC

Joined by the Potomac Buccaneers on stage in Washington, DC at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue.  As we do live, this is a lightning fast rendition that just gets faster over the course of its three minutes, but it also rules.

Thanks to Zach Kaufmann at for filming it, apparently from the balcony.  Or maybe he’s just really really tall.

There’s an excellent, excellent report of the whole trip at our drummer Chip Conrad’s site (  Check it out.

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Washington Dreams of the Hippopotamus

At long last I’ve been able to link Erik Werner’s brilliant video for “Washington Dreams of the Hippopotamus.”  Enjoy.  More on Erik and the process of making this film can be found at

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The Obama Song

Our song for the 44th President is available from NPR’s All Things Considered.  Grab it from here!

If you click on the image, you can get a printable full-sized image from artist Rama Hughes and the lyrics/credits.  The song was written by Christian Kiefer and features Will Johnson (of Centro-Matic and South San Gabriel) on lead vocals.  We’re quite happy with it.

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