CK + acoustic prez + KT = Mood Swing Whistlestop Express

The Kimberly Trip plays hard-edged geek pop of a variety that you can likely not even imagine.  They only play spaces they can totally control.  They set the stage, they control the tickets, they run the sound, they do everything.  That means you get video projections, snow machines, smoke and mirrors, lights and the whole thing.  In short, it’s awesome.
They don’t do too many of these shows lately, but they are doing on this Saturday and I’m fortunate enough to open.
Here’s how it will work: I’ll play acoustic with Chip (smallish drums and junk), Simon (accordion), and Damian (fiddle) and I’ll bum everyone out with my avant-downbeat-sadsack tuneage.  Then The Kimberly Trip will melt your sadness with their upbeat 80s-flavored geek pop.  Sounds good, don’t it?  I think so.
Saturday, March 28 · All Ages! · 
$4/$6/$10 · 8:00pm
Heroes Alley
3501 Sunrise Blvd.
Rancho Cordova , CA
Buy tickets via the link below and please put my name in the comments.  I only get any money if folks put my name in.  & I’ve been invited to play Grant Park in Chicago for 4th of July and am trying to gather enough $$ to make that happen.  Here’s the ticket-buying link:
There will be tickets at the door too.  Make sure you mention you’re there to see me bum everyone out.  Hell yes.
More news of Chicago coming soon.  Meanwhile, be well all.
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Obama song

Folks!  If you’ve not already grabbed it from NPR or elsewhere, our song for the Obama presidency is permanently housed here.  That’s the #44 addendum to Of Great and Mortal MenClick on over to its page and grab it. Yessir.

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