Old Lonesome Sound


Splice Today’s “Old Lonesome Sound” compiliation went live a day or two ago.  It features tracks from past, present, and future Presidential folks: Christian Kiefer, These United States (part of John Adams on the record, live in DC and upcoming at SXSW with us), Radar Bros. (Coolidge on the album), and others who are slated to (we hope) join us for Presidents live at SXSW this year.  More on that as it unfolds, but it will be amazing.

Old Lonesome Sound can be grabbed from here and for free.  You just need a login to Spice Today (easy and thus far, in my own experience, spamless).

My compatriots Jefferson Pitcher and J. Matthew Gerken also have relatively new music out, but I’ll wait for them to tell you about that.

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All Our Noise

Great 10 min. video interview with footage of the DC show is up at All Our Noise. Check it out below.


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