George Washington live in Washington, DC

Joined by the Potomac Buccaneers on stage in Washington, DC at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue.  As we do live, this is a lightning fast rendition that just gets faster over the course of its three minutes, but it also rules.

Thanks to Zach Kaufmann at for filming it, apparently from the balcony.  Or maybe he’s just really really tall.

There’s an excellent, excellent report of the whole trip at our drummer Chip Conrad’s site (  Check it out.

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  1. More so than any other time we’ve played this song, the audience actually listened to and laughed at the humor of the lyrics. It is audible on the video, when they get that Washington is admitting to pulling the rug over the council’s eyes. There is more than one hearty guffaw, and it isn’t because how sexy the accordion player is.

  2. accordion is just a magic instrument and the people love that.
    probably it’s because it’s an old accoustic instrument.

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