February ’10 Update

Ah and February comes again, month of, amongst other fine things, Presidential holidays and our dearly loved FAWM.  Oh the glories of FAWM.  Click there now and get started, songwriters.  We did and hence we are here.

For various reasons, not the least of which are the sad realities of cash-on-hand, we won’t be at SXSW this year.  A disappointment as it’s become something of a regular thing of late.  Like an annual pilgrimage to cheap beer.  But truth is it’s time to give it a rest and relax into other activities.

  • Jefferson Pitcher has been at it with improvisational guitar like a madman and has various projects in the works, including the sublime Now the Deer, which you should find and listen to.
  • J. Matthew Gerken is heavy with his regular band, Nice Monster, playing tons of shows and writing tons of songs.  He has a newish EP out too (self-titled) which you should get and listen to.  He’s also produced the new album by Be Brave Bold Robot and sings some harmony on it as well.  Be Brave’s main dude, Dean H., is on the Prez album too so it’s all in the family.
  • As for me, I’ve just finished up a new novel, which is out in the mail.  Keep your eyes peeled to my site for whatever news of that comes about.
  • The fine fine folks at Standard Recording Co. continue to release fine fine music.  Go and hear some.

That’s all for now.  More in a month or so, I hope.

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