Why we love Venus

Because of, among other things, this 5 star review of Of Great and Mortal Men.  Thanks, VenusZine!  Tasty quotes from our songs about Van Buren, Jackson, Washington, GHW Bush, and GW Bush too.


41) G.H.W. Bush

Back in February of 2006, Jefferson Pitcher, J. Matthew Gerken, and I set about writing and recording the original demos for these Presidents songs as part of the February Album Writing Month challenge (www.fawm.org).  We wrote and did demo recordings of 42 songs (all but G.W. Bush) in Februrary–28 days and 42 songs.  Sheesh. 

In any case, as part of that, we wrote little texts to accompany each new song as we got them up on the FAWM website.  I like looking through them now as they seem part of a crazy, crazy time. 

Burr Settles, a fine songwriter in his own right and the FAWM-lord, was kind enough to get me an html backup of all the original texts we wrote, and it includes the comments other songwriters wrote on the demos as we got them up.  I’m including those as well.

41 Bush (The Beginning of the End)

by j matthew gerken — 2006-02-26 @ 02:31am (EST) — Alt/IndieFolkRock

This song describes the historical context of war under the GOP and the origin of the dark warmongering oppressive regime under which we currently have the misfortune to live.


  1. friendof | 2006-02-27 @ 02:23am (EST)I love your liner notes so much I wouldn’t even care if the song was shit. But of course it’s not. It’s fantastic. I love how low this is for your voice. The melody is perfect… it has that sadness to it, but an accepted sadness as if there’s helplessness in it… like PTSD. lol. 


  2. j matthew gerken | 2006-02-28 @ 11:49pm (EST)Whoa – beautiful voice and fingerpicked guitfiddle. Damn fine song. Great harmony. You seem like an incredible performer and songwriter. Don’t make your profile and comments so humble. That is no longer necessary as you rock.
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