Go Randy!

From Pitchfork’s new interview with Randy Newman.  Check out the whole interview here.  Meanwhile, here’s something I found apt:

Pitchfork: You’re one of a very few songwriters to implicitly or explicitly address race or race relations in your music.

RN: Over and over. That’s why they’ve improved so much. It’s like I wrote in that song [“A Piece of the Pie”], only Jackson Browne has stayed interested. Really, all that fervor and good will of the late 1960s and early 70s, it went away. Things were left to remain the same. My kids just went to a camp where they worked with Hispanic and African-American kids in shelters. I mean, they come from another world. It was a fantastic experience, but, boy, their experiences were very different. And the black kids had it worse than the Hispanic kids. A lot of the Hispanic kids had cohesive families, at least a little bit. The black kids didn’t. It’s the saddest thing going. But people get so scared. When the Republicans say the Democrats are going to tax and spend… I mean, things look shitty! I don’t know about where you are, but the roads are shitty, the schools are shitty….

Pitchfork: Oh, it’s pretty shitty everywhere.

RN: It’s because we’re not taxed like other Western countries are. They lowered my taxes! How can a country countenance lowering taxes on the upper income? I can’t believe it!

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