New Press

Here are some recent places the album has cropped up around the cyberjoint:

  • Some nice comments from the AruOnline blog (a friend of bass axeman Chad) on our Sactown CD release for the Presidents can be found here.  Some pics of J. Matthew Gerken and Co. rockin’ someone–Harrison, perhaps, or Bush, Sr
  • We made the “Top 10” list from XL8R!  Jeez!
  • And a news note from the Daily Kos.  Check the comment below: “not too cheesy.”  Thanks!
  • An 8.5 from Prefix and those folks don’t give those away.  Well-written review too.
  • Alarm Press ran a news story on it too.
  • And of course My Old Kentucky Blog.  So can forget the Colonel?  Not us!  You’ll need to scroll down for this one.

Meanwhile, as staggering as this sounds, we’re actually already starting the longish process of contemplating SXSW for March of ’09.  Yee haw Texas again!  Lonestar!  Everytime we finish SXSW I feel older and stupider, but it sure it a good time.

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