Many Qualified Candidates [a found poem]

“Many qualified candidates” were rejected
On a conference call,
a member of the Sept. 11 Commission, stopped short
As Senator Barack Obama courted voters in Iowa
“We have a very tightly wrapped message.”

Senator John McCain apologized
Mr. McCain condemned, after shifting explanations,
Attention turned to a giant “Mission Accomplished” sign
It’s hard to know whether McCain, deep down,
wants to protect his passenger or let the Indians have him

Has Wright been unfairly demonized?
“You don’t have the American flag pin on.”
Sixteen decapitated bodies found near Diwaniya
Four by suicide bomber at soldier’s funeral, Tal Afar
U.S. Wounded
By Month, by Week

“maybe 100” years in Iraq
Clinton has offered a lame excuse for that vote
It is a simple war
“like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime”
“First, and obviously symbolically, he must start wearing the flag lapel pin”

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