02) John Adams

Back in February of 2006, Jefferson Pitcher, J. Matthew Gerken, and I set about writing and recording the original demos for these Presidents songs as part of the February Album Writing Month challenge (www.fawm.org).  We wrote and did demo recordings of 42 songs (all but G.W. Bush) in Februrary–28 days and 42 songs.  Sheesh. 

In any case, as part of that, we wrote little texts to accompany each new song as we got them up on the FAWM website.  I like looking through them now as they seem part of a crazy, crazy time. 

Burr Settles, a fine songwriter in his own right and the FAWM-lord, was kind enough to get me an html backup of all the original texts we wrote, and it includes the comments other songwriters wrote on the demos as we got them up.  I’m including those as well.

02 Adams (Armed with Only Wit and Vigor and the U.S. Navy)

by j matthew gerken — 2006-02-13 @ 01:05pm (EST) — Alt/Indie, Folk, Rock

John Adams felt like an idiot being Vice President. He was a powerful intellectual. Navy used to get pirates out of the Atlantic. French pirates. Sorry about the buzzy sound on all these tracks. I will fix my soundcard and re upload ASAP.


  1. jeff pitcher | 2006-02-13 @ 10:35pm (EST)the chorus kills me, especially the first line (more specifically the pregression). and the bass line one this one is wonderful. “shaking this failed grenade between heart and harmony.” and you got the word agrarian in there…i’m jealous. i had intended to do that with jefferson, but the mouldboard sort of took over.
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