Cover Art Assistances

Please help Nice Monster design our record art.  Our third record is to be released this summer by Grayscale Records.  Choose from the following really great ideas, or forward your own. This is your chance to be on the ground floor in cover art design, as you have requested.  *Pardon the typo in the JPEG below.


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Nice Monster CD Release – Fox & Goose – June 12th with Odame Sucks

Nice Monster has completed work on its new CD, “The Great, Long Rest.” Compared to the two previous albums, “Good Times + Sharp Knives” and the self-titled EP, the arrangements are somewhat tighter, the drumset grew some new toms, there are more lyrics per song, the tempos are a little faster, there is less transfat, the songs each get higher miles per gallon, and we have a great cast of Sacramento musicians pitching in! “The Calvinists” features backing vocals by Justin Farren. If you know what is good for you, see Backing vocals on “The Great Long Rest” provided by Jay Shaner and for more info, please see He also has a great project called 50-Watt Heavy. They have a Facebook page. Violin on “Sports Report” played by Damian Sol, and you, too, can have him on your record – please see The CD is set for release in June on Grayscale Records. Our CD release show is scheduled for June 12th at the Fox and Goose with special guest Odame Sucks!

New cover art for "The Great, Long Rest."

New cover art for “The Great, Long Rest.”

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Nice Monster Live at Luigi’s. Friday, Feb. 21st. 8pm. All Ages. With Be Brave Bold Robot and The Autumn Electric (Seattle).

Nice Monster Live at Luigi's. Friday, Feb. 21st. 8pm. All Ages. With Be Brave Bold Robot and The Autumn Electric (Seattle).

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Nice Monster Live at Luigi’s. Friday, Feb 21st with Be Brave Bold Robot and The Autumn Electric (Seattle)

Nice Monster Live at Luigi's. Friday, Feb 21st with Be Brave Bold Robot and The Autumn Electric (Seattle)

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February ’10 Update

Ah and February comes again, month of, amongst other fine things, Presidential holidays and our dearly loved FAWM.  Oh the glories of FAWM.  Click there now and get started, songwriters.  We did and hence we are here.

For various reasons, not the least of which are the sad realities of cash-on-hand, we won’t be at SXSW this year.  A disappointment as it’s become something of a regular thing of late.  Like an annual pilgrimage to cheap beer.  But truth is it’s time to give it a rest and relax into other activities.

  • Jefferson Pitcher has been at it with improvisational guitar like a madman and has various projects in the works, including the sublime Now the Deer, which you should find and listen to.
  • J. Matthew Gerken is heavy with his regular band, Nice Monster, playing tons of shows and writing tons of songs.  He has a newish EP out too (self-titled) which you should get and listen to.  He’s also produced the new album by Be Brave Bold Robot and sings some harmony on it as well.  Be Brave’s main dude, Dean H., is on the Prez album too so it’s all in the family.
  • As for me, I’ve just finished up a new novel, which is out in the mail.  Keep your eyes peeled to my site for whatever news of that comes about.
  • The fine fine folks at Standard Recording Co. continue to release fine fine music.  Go and hear some.

That’s all for now.  More in a month or so, I hope.

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Presidents to Chicago

We’ll be bringing the Songs for Presidents show to Chicago for July 3 (Hideout) and July 4 (Taste of Chicago “Taste” Stage).


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Live at Davis High

May 15, 2009, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Davis Senior High School Library
315 W. 14th Street, Davis, CA

Live “Songs for Presidents” show with Davis High guests Doodle, Shiva Shahmir, and The Cast Shadows helping us out.  Educational outreach!  Woo!

E-mail to rvsp so we can make sure we have it covered!
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The Washington Photographs

For those interested in the show in Washington, DC back in January, Jeff Hutton’s photographs have been collected in a fine book with texts by Christian Kiefer, J. Matthew Gerken, Jefferson Pitcher, Stephen Kilroy (of Middle Distance Runner), Scott Leftridge, Chip Conrad, and Tim Fite. It more or less tells the story of the album and features new live photographs of us and the various guests involved: Nellie McKay, Tim Fite, Hiss Golden Messenger, Joe Pug, Denison Witmer, Laura Burhenn, Middle Distance Runner, Jukebox the Ghost, The Potomac Buccaneers of Leesburg Virginia, and These United States. Did I miss anyone? Probably. Click below for a preview of the beast (although note also that the preview is of the Intro section, which only has our press photos–the show starts later in the text).

Of Great and Morta…
By Jeff Hutton
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Local (to us) Shows

Some local (to us) shows and events that will feature songs from Of Great and Mortal Men…

April 15, 7:00AM
Rotary Club, Rocklin, CA
Lecture on Presidents project
April 18, 7:00PM
House Show, Davis, CA
E-mail for location and information
April 22, 12:00PM
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA
Live daytime, outside show for whoever wanders by
April 25, time TBA
House show, Marysville, CA
E-mail for location and information
May 1, 9:00PM
Luna’s Cafe, Sacramento, CA
June 6, 9:00PM
Luigi’s Fun Garden, Sacramento, CA

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CK + acoustic prez + KT = Mood Swing Whistlestop Express

The Kimberly Trip plays hard-edged geek pop of a variety that you can likely not even imagine.  They only play spaces they can totally control.  They set the stage, they control the tickets, they run the sound, they do everything.  That means you get video projections, snow machines, smoke and mirrors, lights and the whole thing.  In short, it’s awesome.
They don’t do too many of these shows lately, but they are doing on this Saturday and I’m fortunate enough to open.
Here’s how it will work: I’ll play acoustic with Chip (smallish drums and junk), Simon (accordion), and Damian (fiddle) and I’ll bum everyone out with my avant-downbeat-sadsack tuneage.  Then The Kimberly Trip will melt your sadness with their upbeat 80s-flavored geek pop.  Sounds good, don’t it?  I think so.
Saturday, March 28 · All Ages! · 
$4/$6/$10 · 8:00pm
Heroes Alley
3501 Sunrise Blvd.
Rancho Cordova , CA
Buy tickets via the link below and please put my name in the comments.  I only get any money if folks put my name in.  & I’ve been invited to play Grant Park in Chicago for 4th of July and am trying to gather enough $$ to make that happen.  Here’s the ticket-buying link:
There will be tickets at the door too.  Make sure you mention you’re there to see me bum everyone out.  Hell yes.
More news of Chicago coming soon.  Meanwhile, be well all.
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